Shady Photo Safe 8.4

Source:Noah Seidman

Shady Photo Safe, what happens in Shady stays in Shady!

There is no icon!
There is no open button!
You must dial the code!

Shady Photo Safe only opens by dialing 456 in your telephone and pressing call. There is no other way to open the application

Shady Photo Safe is a completely hidden gallery with a variety of features including image rotation, thumbnail resolution selection, import/export, SD mode. Although it has been superseded by Shady Photo Safe 2.0 recent updates have made the app the best it has ever been. Consistent with how I program this application has made a lot of progress paving the way for version 2.0.

It is recommended to download Shady Photo Safe 2.0, as it is the officially supported version, but in my opinion this app is ok also. If the price point suits your fancy welcome to Shady Photo Safe. It you'd like the most up to date code, full realtime support, and consistent updates I highly recommend version 2.0 instead.


There is no recently launched apps icon for Shady. Anyone who has a dialer in their recently launched apps list has a bug in the dialer application on their phone. The dialer is not supposed to be there. Your solution is logically to USE A DIFFERENT DIALER. Please download Go Dialer part of Go Contacts. Make sure "call confirm" is disabled in the Go Dialer call settings, otherwise Shady won't launch.

Dialer is not a bug in Shady, and there is nothing to change in the code that can help. Dialer is a bug in your phone, and 90% of Androids DO NOT HAVE the dialer bug.


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OS:Android 2.1 and up